February 4, 2021
Elevate announces exclusive partnership with SPS Co.

Elevate Dynamics, a next generation medical device company, has signed an agreement that designates SPS as the exclusive U.S. supplier of its AFO1 product line to treat foot drop caused by a variety of neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders.

“We could not ask for a better partnership with SPS, the leading distributor of orthotic and prosthetic products in the US,” said Arni Thor, Co-CEO of Elevate Dynamics.  “SPS’ mission to partner with O&P providers to help them provide the best possible care, and Elevate’s mission to empower human mobility makes for a perfect fit.”

“When looking at the O&P landscape for a partner to reach the largest number of people in the United States we did not have to look further than SPS.” added Dan Magy, Co-CEO of Elevate Dynamics.  “This partnership represents our collective commitment to improve the patient experience and give valuable time back to clinicians to focus on patient care. “

“We are excited to partner with Elevate in bringing their innovative new AFO to the U.S. market, providing clinicians and their patients suffering from drop foot with a new choice to help improve their mobility,” noted Regina Weger, President, SPS.

AFO1 products are designed to deliver an improved patient experience and enhance clinic operations.  An industry first all-sizes-in-one design permits clinicians to comfortably fit a wide range of patients while significantly reducing inventory complexity.

The AFO1line of products is slated to launch on March 1st, 2021.

Press release can be found here.

About SPS

SPS is the leading distributor for orthotic and prosthetic products in the United States. SPS offers over 400,000 O&P products to choose from, including the latest technology in prosthetic feet, prosthetic knees, prosthetic liners, and orthotic devices. Through its five strategically positioned distribution centers, SPS can provide thousands of clinics their O&P products within a day or two, enabling them to quickly and efficiently provide for patients. For more information, visit SPS’ website at www.spsco.com.

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