Step into motion.

Dynamic ground reaction force. Anterior design.

Coming Fall 2021

Rise to the occasion.

Our anterior shell carbon fiber AFO offers best-in-class durability and ground reaction force in a design that impacts both patients and clinicians.

Supports most patients that exhibit mild to moderate dorsiflexor weakness, gastrocenemius and or quadraceps weakness.

Recommended for L1932.

Advanced carbon

For maximum durability

BOA® Fit System Strap

Easy, one handed on and off

CoolFlow Liner

Breathable, moisture wicking

All-sizes-in-one design

Just a left and a right model


Weaving the future of AFOs.

Our unique manufacturing process pushes the limit of performance for traditional AFOs.

The high pressure during forming creates a product that not only looks beautiful, but is also more durable without compromising on weight and thickness.

Dial in the perfect fit.

Glide uses the BOA® Fit System to ensure a perfect, custom fit every time. It has been specially designed to allow users to take the strap on and off with one hand and supports those with low dexterity.