More support. More patients.

The OTS Solution to multiplanar control.

What is multiplanar support?

With a unique spiral design, HelixBand supports both the sagital and frontal planes.

HelixBand + AFO

Medial, lateral, anterior, posterior.

AFO only

Just anterior and posterior.

Patient Health

Patients with drop foot often demonstrate asymmetry in their foot and ankle due to the imbalance of functioning and nonfunctioning muscle groups.

Typical off-the-shelf AFOs do not provide proper support for this asymmetry.

If not addressed, this impairment can cause muscles and ligaments to stretch and lead to long term or permanent deformities.

What it means, for patients

Move naturally.

Designed to function in a similar way to muscles and ligaments.

Responsive support.

With each step, the HelixBand responds with only the necessary dynamic stability and proprioception.

More efficient gait.

The normalized foot and ankle in all planes creates a more efficient gait that allows for increased activity and better overall health.

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