Don't just walk. Flow

Advanced carbon fiber. All day comfort.

Designed to empower movement.

A posterior carbon fiber AFO that provides smooth, dynamic support for patients with mild to moderate foot drop.

Recommended for L1951.

Advanced carbon

For maximum durability

BOA® Fit System Strap

Easy, one handed on and off

CoolFlow Liner

Breathable, moisture wicking

All-sizes-in-one design

Just a left and a right model


Weaving the future of AFOs.

Our unique manufacturing process pushes the limit of performance for traditional AFOs.

The high pressure during forming creates a product that not only looks beautiful, but is also more durable without compromising on weight and thickness.

Dial in the perfect fit.

FreeFlow uses the BOA® Fit System to ensure a perfect, custom fit every time. It has been specially designed to allow users to take the strap on and off with one hand and supports those with low dexterity.