Designed for movement.

At Elevate we believe better design creates better outcomes.

Our mission

We are empowering people to move by redefining how healthcare products are designed, manufactured and delivered.


Real solutions for real people.

Our team believes in intentional design: creating solutions for real human needs.

For many, a medical device becomes part of everyday life. For that reason, we need to make sure it works, fits and functions seamlessly with our users.

Our process starts with a deep connection to our users through human-centered research. We then blend concepts from our diverse team of designers and engineers to produce a fully matured product that provides true innovation and effortless function without compromise.

Built to last

We stand by what we make.

We believe in the value, performance, and quality of our products. That’s why we spend a tremendous amount of time getting them just right, combining decades of orthopedic experience with industry-leading engineering precision.

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