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Supercharge FreeFlow and Glide.

Move naturally with responsive gait alignment.
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Meet HelixBand

Our integral solution that allows you to return to your natural gait.
Pull. Secure. Go

Locking in support is easy with a single one-handed pull.

Medial or Lateral

One SKU supports either orientation for varus or valgus dynamic response.

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Dual Strapping System

Unique, trimmable helical design to stabilize the arch and calcaneus.

AFO1 Product Line

Compatible with FreeFlow and Glide.

Unmatched performance from a simple strap.

Our powerful, dynamic solution matched with our powerful carbon fiber.
  • Pair simple, dynamic frontal plane support with high performance carbon fiber for a perfect combination.
  • Our optimal support in all planes allows your to return to your natural gait and feel like you are walking on clouds.
  • All you need is the strap - pull, secure, go for unmatched performance with every step.
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Man with elevate product walking in park

Our motivation

We believe that all patients should get the proper support that they need.

The HelixBand dynamically supports frontal plane weaknesses that cannot be controlled by an AFO.

  • We discovered that drop foot patients are being underserved in off the shelf devices due to a lack of dynamic, frontal plane support.
  • We set out to design a product with one goal in mind: create a dynamic solution that in turn allows patients to feel comfortable, move naturally, and return to activities they love.

Multiplanar support

A new opportunity for multiplanar support.

Curious as to how we are redefining multiplanar support? Learn how the HelixBand can lead to more activity and better health.

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The best materials for you, and our world.

Abrasion resistant, latex free elastic combined with durable nylon for optimal stretch.


Tricot laminated straps for a smooth glide against the skin.


Eco-Friendly Insole made with recycled rubber.


Cushioning, breathable and antimicrobial foam for all day comfort.


Is the HelixBand only used for Elevate products?

Yes. The HelixBand is specifically designed for FreeFlow & Glide. The combination of our high performance carbon fiber & dynamic strapping system is a perfect match.

How many configurations are there of the HelixBand?

We have one HelixBand designed for FreeFlow, and one for Glide. The straps can be configured for medial or lateral support. Each HelixBand can be trimmed and customized to each patient.

How long will HelixBand last?

All our products are engineered to maximize durability and strength and cycled to meet our warranty commitment.
Learn more about our guarantee.

How many sizes are there?

HelixBand comes in one configuration, with trimmability to allow for easy adjustment to sizes between XS-XL, varus or valgus support.

Will my insurance cover it?

Speak with your clinician prior to your fitting to ensure HelixBand will be reimbursed by Medicare or your private insurance provider.

How do I know that HelixBand is right for me?

HelixBand is for patients that demonstrate any medial/lateral weakness. We suggest consulting with your physician or orthotist to discuss getting an Elevate AFO to pair with the HelixBand.

If you have any more questions, or need some guidance, we are here to help! Head over to our support page and we will can tackle this together.

How can I buy a HelixBand?

HelixBand is a prescribed medical product, which must be fit by a professional medical provider. Find a clinician below in your area and set up an appointment to get fitted.

person with elevate product walking on pavement

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