High performance
carbon fiber

Form finally meets function.


From our first step to yours.


Extreme temperatures blend layers of resin together to form tight polymer bonds.


High pressure combines with the heat to compress the layers into nearly a solid structure.

This step removes air gaps in the product which could cause failure during use.


The double sided compression applies uniformed pressure that produces an aesthetically flawless product.

Each product is then coated by hand and inspected for defects.

50 years of composite experience. Baked into every product.

Our manufacturing partner is a leader in carbon fiber technology, producing products for some of the world’s largest brands.

Technology that empowers movement

What does this mean, for you?

High Strength

Higher pressure creates a product with higher resistance to breaking.


Each design is cycle-tested to simulate use over multiple years.

Premium cosmetics

The attention to detail in the finishing process allows for a beautiful look without compromising on mechanical properties.

Explore our technology in action.


Why clinicians are switching to AFO1 products.

AFO1 System

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