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person walking on gravel wearing an elevate product

Find your Flow.

Dynamic response. All day comfort. Built for movement.

Hello, FreeFlow

A carbon fiber orthosis with the power to unlock your best you.
CoolFlow Liner

Minimize moisture and maximize airflow

Dynamic Response

High performance carbon fiber propels you into your next step

Render of Elevate FreeFlow large
BOA Fit System Strap

Dial in the perfect, custom fit for all day comfort

Insurance Reimbursable

Covered by most insurance providers (L-1951)

person walking while wearing elevate product

Count on Carbon.

Lightweight, durable performance built to last.

FreeFlow uses premium resins combined with durable carbon fibers to craft a flawless frame you can count on day in and day out.

  • Compression molding allows for a product that is more durable and can sustain higher strength - all without compromising on weight or thickness.
  • Learn more about our carbon technology

Boa® x Elevate

A perfect partner for a perfect fit.

We’ve partnered with Boa®, the industry leader in fitting technology, to empower our users to dial into a fast, effortless, precision fit.

  • Our unique design allows for patients with low dexterity to easily engage and disengage the strap with one hand.
  • Grip around the dial allows for a low profile grab point
Person adjusting their elevate product

Premium Materials

If you can, why not wear the best?
Velcro® Fasteners

Top of the line hook and loop for reliable and low profile fastening.

Where it's from: USA, Mexico
Moisture-wicking Lycra

Treated for softness. Custom-dyed to last after washing.

Where it's from: China
Nylon 6 Resin

Extremely durable plastic components with high heat resistance.

Where it's from: China


Building more with less.
Fiber-based packaging

Minimizes plastic while maximizing recyclability.

Space saving design

Optimizes space, allowing partners to ship more units on less trucks and planes.

Carbon neutral shipping

Shipped responsibly, both internationally and domestically, by offsetting carbon emissions.


How long will FreeFlow last?

All our products are engineered to maximize durability and strength and cycled to meet our warranty commitment.
Learn more about our guarantee.

How many sizes are there?

FreeFlow comes in just a left and a right configuration, with trimmability to allow for easy adjustment to sizes between XS-XL.

Will my insurance cover it?

FreeFlow meets the requirements of L-1951, an insurance code covered by Medicare and most private insurances. Speak with your clinician prior to your fitting to ensure FreeFlow will be reimbursed.

How can I buy a FreeFlow?

FreeFlow is a prescribed medical product, which must be fit by a professional medical provider. Find a clinician below in your area and set up an appointment to get fitted.

How do I know that FreeFlow is right for me?

FreeFlow is for patients that demonstrate mild to moderate drop foot. We suggest consulting with your physician or orthotist to discuss what product is best for you.

If you have any more questions, or need some guidance, we are here to help! Head to our support page and we'll be happy to assist.

Side view of person wearing elevate product walking outdoors

Discover FreeFlow’s powerful accessory.

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