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Patents and Trademarks


Elevate (Thorwear Inc. dba Elevate Dynamics) protects its goal of delivering innovative products and services through the growth of its intellectual property portfolio. Proprietary technologies and products are protected with various types of intellectual property rights, such as patents, design registrations and, trade secrets.

Patent Details

US Patent

Patent Number               US11484426

Patent Date                    May 11, 2018

Grant Date                     November 1, 2022

Patent Details

US Patent

Patent Number               US11872151

Patent Date                    August 19, 2020

Grant Date                     January 16, 2024

Patent Details

Australian Patent

Patent Number             2018265885

Patent Date                  May 12, 2018

Grant Date                   November 2, 2023


The following are registered or pending trademarks:

Mark FreeFlow

Serial No. 90525699

Filed Feb. 11, 2021

Our Reference No. - ThorWear.019T

Registration No. - 6816130

Registration Date - Aug. 9, 2022

Mark HelixBand

Serial No. 90525725

Filed Feb. 11, 2021

Our Reference No. - ThorWear.020T

Registration No. - 6816131

Registration Date - Aug. 9, 2022


Serial No. 97636772

Goods - Class 10 Medical devices, namely, orthotic footwear and specialized orthotic socks

Date filed Oct. 18, 2022

Notice of Allowance Date Oct. 31, 2023

Docket/Reference Number - ThorWear.022T


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