AFO1 System

Designed for movement.

The AFO1 System

A product line built to fit a single plane support patient to a multiplanar support patient with just these three products.


A simple, powerful acessory that transforms our AFO line to multiplanar support products. Compatible with FreeFlow and Glide.


A posterior carbon fiber AFO that provides smooth, dynamic support with our unique all sizes in one design.


All time durability with the same carbon fiber and all sizes in one fit that patients love in an anterior design.

For Clinicians

For Patients

For Clinicians

SKU Reduction

Reducing to 2 SKUs saves space and overhead costs in the clinic.

Fitting anytime,

All the tools you need to fit any size patient comes right in the product box. All you need is a pair of shears.

Faster time to

Simplify the billing process and save time for your clinic and your patients.

For Patients

Made to last

Reduce your out of pocket expenses with our high performance carbon fiber that allows you to purchase less products, less often.

Premium, low-
profile form and fit

Greater confidence and reduction of outward facing disability.


Premium materials built for all day, every day dynamic movement.

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