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National Drop Foot Day: Sharing patient's stories

September 17, 2021

To honor National Drop Foot Day, we are sharing patient testimonials and experiences of people living with drop foot. We believe that by sharing these stories, we can collectively create a community that can empathize and grow with each other, together. We hope to continue this conversation and shed light on those that are getting up every day despite having limitations.

Meet Robert

Robert is a 39 year old patient who was born with a clubfoot and lack of function of his foot flexors and extensors, and therefore has suffered from this limitation all of his life.

He’s extremely active, a workaholic who loves to box in his free time. He was supported with many different devices but they were more of a limitation than a support for him. He trains very hard despite all of this, and has very strong thigh muscles, but at the same time has lots of impairments in his knee, ankle and foot stability.

“All my life, I used to wear plastic AFO’s and received many skin irritations and scars. The design of the device was not very nice and didn’t support me and my active activities. I never slow down and the look of my foot was the price I was paying for using these uncomfortable devices. I now feel so much better - the dynamic AFO makes me exceed all my expectations and make the impossible turn possible.”

Meet Marta

Marta had spinal surgery a few years ago and suffers from discopathy, which is the main reason why she has drop foot. Her functions are slowly coming back, and dedicates lots of time with her physiotherapists activating muscles to help her return to her daily activities. She loves the outdoors, and spends her free time going for hikes and spending time on sailboats.

She has been using the Elevate FreeFlow and HelixBand for a year and it has not only improved her bare foot walking, but it increased her proprioception and sensation. She can finally feel her toes again, which is a dream come true.

“I’m a big fan of hiking and now I can return back to my mountain activities again. I don’t feel the spasticity anymore, and walking barefoot at home is not a problem anymore. I don’t stumble and I have better control of my ankle and foot. I feel that I have toes and I feel that they touch the ground! This is priceless, I just feel a huge progress in my mobility.”

Meet Prezmek

Przemek is a 34 year old athlete that is extremely active and works at a transport company. He unfortunately had an accident where he fell on his side and ruptured and stretched all of his knee ligaments and completely ruptured his peroneal nerve. Up until recently, he wore plastic AFOs and foot-up soft braces that would cause scars and swellings and be incredibly uncomfortable.

He was fit with our FreeFlow & HelixBand and immediately felt pain relief in his lumbar spine. Just after a few minutes of walking, he had better control and position of his foot and ankle. Przemek is back to the activities he loves with much better balance and is finally more confident when walking.

“I now have hope for a better future. My old brace would cause pain, scars and swelling. With Elevate’s brace I had immediate pain relief and I can return to doing sports activities that I love.”

We'd love to hear from you!

We love hearing from our patients - please reach out to us so we can share your story. Let’s all lift each other up and celebrate those today that exceed their limitations every day.

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