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Our Podcast with Siemens Industry Software

October 1, 2021

We use Siemens Industry Software to help bring our products to life. We start many of our ideas for our products in our head, that turns into a discussion or a drawing, and eventually into a computer automated design. Their startup program has allowed us to grow and expand as a company with a top, cutting edge software.

We had the opportunity to do a podcast and work with the Siemens team to share our startup story.

“Our goal is simple - we’re here to create beautifully crafted products that empower people to get up and move everyday,” Kelly McGee, Co-Founder, VP Engineering + Design.

Listen to this episode of Startups: Combining Passion and Hard Work to learn how we are using decades of orthopedic experience and industry-leading engineering to change the medical device industry.

Also, you can access this podcast via: iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, RSS, and Stitcher.

Check out their blog post here.

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