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National Drop Foot Day: Sharing patient's stories

To honor National Drop Foot Day, we are sharing patient testimonials and experiences of people living with drop foot. We believe that by sharing these stories, we can collectively create a community that can empathize and grow with each other, together.

Elevate to present at Hanger Live

Join us at Hanger Live for a clinical presentation on "Treating Drop Foot with AFO Bracing". Listen in as our co-founder Arni Thor dives deep into the biomechanics of foot drop and how carbon fiber AFOs can dynamically improve gait and movement for patients over plastic products.

Our new home in San Diego

We're fully moved in to our new office in San Diego! It will serve as a hub for our team and product ambassadors, supporting our rapid product design process. Learn more about our vision for the space here.

Welcome to the Elevate Blog

Welcome to Elevate and welcome to our blog. This is a home for all the latest news about what we're up to. Check back to learn more about new product launches as well as understand how we see the future of orthopedics.